About Us

Who are Sunday&Clay

About Us.

Inspired by the need to get back in touch with each other and our inner kid selves, Sunday&Clay aim to create an escape and experience from the ordinary.

The brainchild of two best friends on opposite sides of the town, both doing it tough during iso, Sunday&Clay was their way of rekindling and reigniting that creative flame - a way to bring a little joy and spark back to those around them who were also feeling the weight of the solitude.

We wanted to create a way for people to escape and go on an adventure, to bring back that childlike curiosity and remind ourselves not to take life too seriously. And so, Sunday&Clay was born: a little mystery clay adventure, package up and shipped out, to be enjoyed all from the comfort of your own home - completely iso-proof.

It’s an excuse to get together with friends (virtually, of course) and enjoy a fun Sunday clay-date, or a way to brighten someone’s day, when they receive a surprise pack in the mail and are reminded that someone is thinking of them.

About Our Kits.

We've curated a kit and virtual space that's going to spark conversations, laughter and connections with yourselves and the clay buddies you've gathered together. Our strategy focuses on making the ordinary of everyday clay making, unpredictable, mysterious, playful and ignites a sense of adventure within the comfort of your homes whilst adding a little fun along the way. This is effectively expressed through the very current choices of our language and visuals we communicate to you. We aim to offer a unique blend of clay that maximises fun and adventure without leaving your home, playing with Sunday&Clay feels even more exciting and engaging as you realise that it's not complete without great company. So round up your mates and pick a Sunday and let's play with clay!

Like any iconic duo, Bey&Jay Z, Chrissy&John, Justin&Hailey...need we say more? Sunday&Clay is the perfect balance and harmony of two perfect wholes moulding together. We're bringing the ying and yang back into your life that you never knew you needed. Sunday is best paired with a side of clay and that's what we're here for.


What is Air Dry Clay?

It’s a bit of a no brainer really. It’s clay that can dry with air! That’s right - no kiln required. 

Just like with regular clay, as the moisture from the clay evaporates, the clay will begin to slowly harden until it is fully set. The exact setting times can vary depending on the thickness of the creation and the environmental conditions, but on average this can be anywhere between 24hrs up to a week. 

Air Dry Clay is a great alternative to regular clay when kilns aren't readily available (or within a 5km radius). You can roll it, mould it, squeeze it, tease it, shape it, make it, paint it, ain’t it, just the most versatile clay you’ve ever seen? - Clay Z. 

Celebs aside, we, too, also love using Air Dry Clay. You can use most traditional clay sculpting techniques with Air Dry Clay, such as coil, slab, pinch, score-and-weld. You can also make funky patterns using stamps or other textured materials - the possibilities are infinite! 

For the advanced Clayers out there, you can also use Air Dry Clay on a potter’s wheel when wet just like with porcelain - just be sure to remember not to fire it in a kiln or paint with traditional glazes. 

And for the newcomers to the Clayground, don’t worry, each of our kits come equipped with a full step by step instructions list. We’ve even created a list of air dry clay hints and hacks for you, so really, you can’t go wrong!