Host-Your-Own Clay Group Party Packs!

Whether you're planning a hen's party, a birthday bash, or a team-bonding sesh, we've got you covered with our DIY Group Clay Kits. Keep your guests entertained and their creative juices flowing.

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Sunday & Clay Kit

Rules of the Game.

Let's not bore anyone with the rules, life is already full of them! We'll keep it simple: you select a theme and grab a mate or two, we provide the kit and tips, you build or go rogue (we don't control you) and et viola your creation will appear before you.

How to Clay?

New to the Clayground? Fear not, grasshopper, we’ll get you blazin’ in no time. Our beginner-friendly step-by-step instructions will help guide you along the way, but look, let’s be frank, is it really an adventure if you stick to ALL the rules? Here at Sunday & Clay, we believe in moulding your own destiny. So run free with your imagination and prepare yourself for a few hours of relaxation, meditative mindfulness and absolute creative freedom.

  • Glaze.

    Roll it, mould it, shape it, make it. Get that clay dough how you want and give it a nice glaze over, reading for baking.

  • Blaze.

    Fire up your creations in the oven or leave them out to dry au naturale.

  • Stay Amaze. (ing)

    Pat yourself on the back and be amazed at just how brilliant you are with your wicked clay creation. You SHOULD be proud.

Monthly Clay Subscriptions

Craving a constant supply of clay dates? Our monthly clay subscription is here to keep your artistic juices flowing! Each month, you'll receive:

  • 1kg of premium air-dry clay
  • Limited edition paints and glazes
  • Unique clay creation cards for inspiration
  • Surprise goodies to spark your imagination

It's the perfect self-care treat and a reminder to take time out for you. Indulge in a state of flow, one clay-filled box at a time!

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  • Step by Step Instructions

    Always wanted to try pottery but worried it's too hard? Our pottery kits with air-dry clay are perfect for beginners! We’ve idiot-proofed the whole experience so you really can’t go wrong. Remember, art is subjective!

  • Kiln Free, Fuss-Free

    No kiln? No worries. Skip the pottery studio drama, all our kits are made WFH-friendly with pottery clay that air-dries to a rock hard finish, which means you can clay from start to finish, all from the comfort of your own home!

  • Creative Gift Ideas

    Stuck for a unique gift? Look no further! Our clay kits are the perfect present for anyone who loves getting their hands dirty. Send a personalised message to your loved ones across the country with our optional gift messaging included!