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The 4-6ppl S&C Group Party Pack

The 4-6ppl S&C Group Party Pack

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What’s better than claying? Claying with friends! Grab your family, friends or foe and host your own clay party with our special group pack pricing!

Birthdays? Christmas gatherings? Corporate functions? Stuck for ideas? Why not host a Clay Party with our special party pack deal. With all the instructions included. our party pack is the perfect unconventional, group activity for family, friends, work colleagues, you name it!

Hens party? No worries, grab your ladies and a few champagnes and clay the night away! Perfect for a gathering to remember and a special Hens day out!

Our flexible group pack means you can run your very own clay workshops or clay event all in the comfort of your own home! 

Completely kiln-free, with all the goodies of the OG kit, host your party anywhere without having to head to a kiln - it’s a guaranteed glazingly good time!

How to Clay?

Welcome to your Clayground.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to mould yourself together. This is your survival kit for the next hour (or more, however long you need); we've geared you up with your weapons (tools), map (instructions) and a little supporting carrot (extras) to get you going.

There's no rules, the secret ingredient to all of this, is to get messy and have fun.

If you decide to go rogue, don't break out in a mould sweat, imperfect is the new perfect, seize the clay and let your imagination guide you. So stay calm and get claying! Oh, and before we leave this in your hands, make sure to send us #clayfies, or it didn't happen.

This party pack is perfect for:

  • Hen's parties: Add a creative twist to your pre-wedding celebrations and get those bridesmaids bonding over some hilarious clay creations.
  • Birthday parties (all ages!): Ditch the bouncy castle and get messy with this fun, hands-on activity that everyone will love (seriously, even Aunt Mildred can get down with some clay).
  • A night in with friends: Because why go out when you can unleash your inner artist, gossip about your crush, and create some epic clay keepsakes – all from the comfort of your PJs?

What’s in the Box?

Time to get the party started! 

Here’s a sneak peak of what to expect:

  • 3kg of Air Dry Clay - enough to feed two families of golems
  • 2x sets of our Tools of the Trade (5 tools per set - also know as clay tools)
  • 12x pots of paint (2 per person to go round!) 
  • 6x paintbrushes
  • 6x pots of our unique blend of air dry clay glaze
  • 3x Mystery Clay Creation Cards (also known as instructions)
  • 1x rolling pin
  • And perhaps a few extra surprises if you’re lucky!

Want to book a private clay workshop class with one our friendly instructors? Get in touch here!

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