Clay Workshops

Team workshops? Hen's party? Birthday? We've got you covered!

Make your next gathering unique with our interactive workshops catered to any occasion. Get in touch for more details!

Our beginner-friendly class is perfect for those who are keen to sink their hands into something new. With step-by-step guidance from your friendly clay pal, you'll learn all the best tips and tricks to make your own air dry clay pieces in no time!

We begin each workshop guiding you through the basic of working with AirDry Clay. You'll then get hands-on, rolling and moulding your clay until you've created something completely unique that you can take home or gift to a loved one.

What to Expect:

  • Clay Basics: Learn basic air dry clay techniques like rolling, shaping, and forming your unique boba tea design.
  • Guided Tutorial: Our instructor will take you through making your own mini incense holder and photo stand step by step with easy-to-follow instructions, even if you've never touched clay before
  • Clay Playtime: We'll provide guidance, but this is your chance to let your imagination run wild! Go on your own adventure and we’ll be right here with you to catch you if you fall (into a clay disaster)
  • Finishing Touches: Take home a finishing pack complete with paint, glaze, a brush, and instructions to add the perfect final touches.

What's Included:

  • All clay and tools for the workshop
  • Expert guidance from our friendly instructors
  • Your air dry clay creation to take home
  • Take-home finishing pack (paint, glaze, brush, instructions)

    By the end of the workshop, you and your crew will have your very own photo stands, incense holders, trinket dishes (or whatever you decide to make!) ready to dry, paint, and glaze.

    No kiln? No worries! Air dry clay needs no firing – your creation will be ready to paint and glaze once it dries.


  • One Hour Clay Workshops

    Clay Workshop (Basics)

    Hens, Birthdays & Celebrations: 
    Celebrate in style with a unique and memorable clay workshop at your chosen venue! (6+ guests)

  • Team Workshops

    Team Building: Boost team spirit and creativity with a hands-on clay workshop designed for your workplace. (10+ participants)

  • Intimate Clay Workshops

    Bespoke Workshops: Looking for something a little different? Contact us to create a custom clay workshop for your special occasion.

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